Smart-UPS for Business

with APC SmartConnect

Connected Smart-UPS  help you focus on your business

APC's next-generation Connected Smart-UPS is a time-saving, resource-saving innovation, making it easier to deploy, maintain, and monitor your power infrastructure - so you can focus on your business.

With our secure web portal you’ll receive automatic notifications, firmware updates, and advanced support; providing you with added value - and more importantly - added peace of mind.

Getting started is easy..


Install your UPS

Install a next-generation Connected Smart-UPS at your business site. Connect the UPS to your network using the built-in SmartConnect Ethernet port.


Scan the QR code

Scan the QR Code printed onto your Connected Smart-UPS to automatically begin registration with our secure SmartConnect web portal.


Register your UPS

Create a Schneider Electric account for your business. Your Connected Smart-UPS will be automatically linked to your account during UPS registration.

APC keeps your data secure

Connected Smart-UPS adhere to the latest industry standards in secure data collection, secure data processing and in maintaining security of our infrastructure. For more details, please view our Security Strategy page.

Why monitor your UPS?

Make the most of your investment

Maximize the lifespan of your Connected Smart-UPS. Our pro-active lifecycle notifications keep you informed about firmware upgrades, device maintenance, and warranty protection.

Maximize uptime of your system

Our actionable notifications help you identify potential issues before they become costly problems, enabling pro-active equipment maintenance and increased power infrastructure security.

Advanced customer support

By registering your contact information with us, we are able to fast track your support calls. Additionally, our support team can use your UPS data for advanced troubleshooting.


Renewal Support

APC SmartConnect helps you pro-actively maintain your Smart-UPS, with support from your trusted Reseller.

What is your downtime risk?


Nearly 90% of companies have unexpectedly lost access to critical systems *


83% of organizations have a downtime tolerance of 3 hours or less **

22 hrs

Average length of downtime is 22 hours per incident ***

1 in 3

Almost 1/3 experience downtime every month **

Sources: * GlobalSCAPE, Inc.; ** Enterprise Strategy Group; *** Dell EMC- Global Survey

Monitoring made easy

Get started with Connected Smart-UPS

APC’s next-generation Connected Smart-UPS enables you to monitor your power infrastructure online, anytime - anywhere - from our secure SmartConnect web portal. The Connected Smart-UPS with a dedicated SmartConnect Ethernet Port makes set up easy; it requires no additional hardware or software.

Other Smart-UPS can also be cloud-enabled by inserting the new Smart-UPS Cloud Connection Card into the UPS SmartSlot.