Renewal Support

APC SmartConnect helps you pro-actively maintain your Smart-UPS, with support from your trusted Reseller.

UPS Lifecycle
Battery Upgrade
Warranty Renewal
UPS Refresh

3 months advance notice

Renewal Support can help you prolong the life of your APC Smart-UPS, and maximise your investment. Our service automatically notifies your trusted Reseller about your UPS lifecycle, enabling them to provide support for pro-active maintenance.

How does it work?


Lifecycle Notification

APC SmartConnect will warn you about a UPS issue, e.g. Battery expiry.


Reseller Contact

APC SmartConnect emails your Reseller automatically, with your contact details.


Customer Support

Your Reseller follows-up with you directly, enabling pro-active UPS maintenance.

APC keeps your data secure

Connected Smart-UPS adhere to the latest industry standards in secure data collection, secure data processing and in maintaining security of our infrastructure. For more details, please view our Security Strategy page.

Getting started is easy..

Register your UPS

Sign-up to APC SmartConnect and register your Smart-UPS device.

Invite your Reseller

Tell us your Reseller email address, and we'll invite them to connect.

Reseller Confirmed

Your Reseller confirms they want to connect, then you're all set!

Benefits of Pro-active UPS Maintenance

Reduced downtime Prevent problems that lead to a costly downtime

Greater energy efficiency Reduce costs while protecting the environment

Improved performance Ensure peak performance via regular maintenance

Investment protection Prolong the life of expensive equipment

Increased IT productivity Focus on core competencies, not lifecycle management

Connect with your Reseller

For UPS maintenance support

With Renewal Support, your trusted Reseller can pro-actively support you with UPS maintenance, helping you to avoid costly downtime. Connecting with your Reseller helps ensure you protect your investment and maximise the lifespan of your APC Smart-UPS. Get started with our free service today.