Smart-UPS for Partners

with APC SmartConnect

Better protect customers and increase revenue with APC

Connected Smart-UPS are for Managed Service Providers who need a simple way to manage their client's power infrastructure and maximize service revenue.

We provide integrations into market leading Remote Monitoring and Management tools including ConnectWise® Automate, helping you to pro-actively monitor critical power disruptions and take your business to the next level.

Why monitor Connected Smart-UPS?

Expand your revenue stream

Expand your business service offer and SLAs to include power infrastructure monitoring with Connected Smart-UPS. Our lifecycle notifications facilitate pro-active reselling of replacement Smart-UPS, battery cartridges and warranties.

Lower costs, increase uptime

Our actionable notifications help you to identify potential issues before they become costly problems. By enabling pro-active IT maintenance and replacement we help you protect your reputation and ensure customer satisfaction.

Easy workflow integration

Connected Smart-UPS support automated monitoring without coding, SNMP traps, or software agents; helping to improve operational efficiency. Easily integrate with your RMM platform, or use our mobile ready Web Portal.

APC keeps your data secure

Connected Smart-UPS adhere to the latest industry standards in secure data collection, secure data processing and in maintaining security of our infrastructure. For more details, please view our Security Strategy page.

Getting started is easy..


Smart-UPS set-up

Install a next-generation Connected Smart-UPS at your client's site. Use the built-in SmartConnect Ethernet port to connect to your client's local network.


RMM plugin set-up

Download and install the SmartConnect RMM Integration. As part of the set-up process, you will need to register a Schneider Electric account.


Smart-UPS discovery

Scan the client network for Connected Smart-UPS using your RMM agent. Register the discovered Smart-UPS to your account to begin monitoring.

Simple, free RMM integration

Get started with Connected Smart-UPS

Connected Smart-UPS will help you better serve your customers and ensure maximum uptime. Easily integrate with leading remote monitoring and management software, so you can manage your customer portfolios from a single platform and expand your revenue stream. Sign up for our free service today.