Connected Smart-UPS

Follow our guide below to register your UPS with APC  SmartConnect

Getting started is easy..


Install your UPS

Install a next-generation Connected Smart-UPS at your business site. Connect the UPS to your network using the built-in SmartConnect Ethernet port.

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Scan the QR code

Scan the QR Code printed onto your Connected Smart-UPS to automatically begin registration with our secure SmartConnect web portal.

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Register your UPS

Create a Schneider Electric account for your business. Your Connected Smart-UPS will be automatically linked to your account during UPS registration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Smart-UPS models are compatible with APC SmartConnect?

The latest Smart-UPS models with prefix SMT, SRT, and SMC, and postfix C, have an APC SmartConnect port that you can use to connect the UPS to Schneider Electric cloud services.

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My device does not support a QR Code reader, or the QR Code scan will not work.

If you cannot successfully install a QR code reader on your mobile device, manually enter the Product Codes to register the UPS instead.

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How do I install a QR Code reader on my mobile device?

APC recommends using the mySchneider application available from the Google Play store or Apple App Store® , to scan the QR code with a mobile device.

  1. Visit the app store for your mobile device.
  2. Search for the mySchneider app by Schneider Electric.
  3. Install the app. See QR Code Scan.

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My UPS is not communicating with the Schneider Electric cloud service.

Please ensure the UPS is connected to your network using an Ethernet cable, and that your Internet connection is active.

If your SmartConnect-compatible UPS is installed in an enterprise location, it may require additional network configuration to allow your UPS to connect to Schneider Electric cloud services.

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Someone has already registered my UPS to their account.

If your UPS has already been registered to another account, it must be deleted from that account before it can be registered to your account:

  • If the UPS is registered to another account to which you have access, log in to that account and delete it.
  • If you own the account but you have forgotten the password, regain access by using the ‘Forgot your password?’ link on the Log In page.
  • If you think the UPS has been incorrectly registered to another account, please contact APC Customer Support. Support may request your proof of purchase, or more information related to the UPS device.

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I cannot find my Product Codes

The product codes include the Product ID and Product Key, and are printed on a label attached to your UPS.

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Do you have further questions?

Please visit the APC SmartConnect Help Center for more information about our service, and to contact the APC Support Team.